Imagine waking up one day and there are no airports. None. Neither here nor there. Not a single airport to catch that flight to your daughter’s wedding. Or to enjoy that holiday you’ve been looking forward to for a whole year or to go and see your family. Imagine not even being able to get to that important business meeting on time because you could only get there by plane.

Hard to imagine, isn’t it? This is exactly what has happened to David Bisbal in our new campaign. 

But David isn’t the only one with no airports. Newlyweds, neighbours from the village and last year’s journalist are still suffering the consequences of a world without airports.

Discover all these stories below.

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Do you know what´s behind a day without airports? 

Three days of filming. Lots of heat. And cold. And wind. And three locations.

But, above all, a lot of very talented people in front of and behind the cameras.

Making of

Last year we already wanted to imagine what a day without airports would be like. And although we didn’t have David, we had weddings without guests, village parties without an orchestra, overflowing newspaper offices and even desperate planes, unable to land.

A lot of stories you’re sure to love.

Last campaign

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